Testimonials ForBradley T. Wulf

Brad doesn’t just buy and sell houses; he works with people and their dreams and frustrations.

I wanted to write to share our family’s journey working with Brad Wulf as our realtor over the past five years.

We first met Brad in 2008, just after the market had completely tanked. I was a couple months pregnant with our first child, and we were living in a tiny one bedroom condo. At that time, no one was buying or selling much real estate, but of all things difficult to sell, a one-bedroom condo was at the top of the list as hardest-to-sell. Meanwhile, we were looking down the barrel of a new baby in a few months. Anyhow, we met Brad, who was a close friend of a friend, and immediately liked him – he was friendly and knowledgeable, realistic and willing to tell us the truth, but also optimistic and able to be excited with us about trying to buy a new home, etc.

Brad listed that condo in the dead of winter during the worst of the economic melt-down. He held open house after open house to which maybe one curious neighbor might straggle in to. We almost gave up hope. But Brad did everything in the book to bring in potential buyers, and right when we thought we were a hopeless case, a buyer came along. All said and done, Brad probably earned about two bucks an hour off that condo deal, but he was unflagging in his commitment to us and to the process.

Now was the fun part, and we got on the horse looking for our first home. Of course, our budget was tiny, and we had rather ridiculous parameters of what we wanted. Brad was tireless helping us look for that house. He met us after work, on weekends, and at all hours to look at potential places. He brought comps and paperwork and did hours of legwork. Finally, we found our little dream house, and wrote an offer 20 minutes after it went on the market. Brad then jumped into wheeler-dealer-mode, and he finagled an awesome deal for us, while still being fair to all involved.

Fast forward three years, during which time, Brad kept in touch; came to toddler birthday parties, stopped by for take-out, and kept us in the loop. Lo and behold, our second baby was on its way, and our tiny dream bungalow was about to seem really really small. However, because of our finances, and how the market had crashed, we figured we were totally underwater in our house, and without a prayer of being able to sell and move. We braced ourselves to be a family of four in an 800 square foot bungalow.

Our daughter was born in August, 2012, and indeed, we were a seriously tight fit in that house. But we figured our only option was to wait it out until the market miraculously rebounded. We were thinking maybe spring of 2014 we would see if we could make the leap.

So, I am sitting at work one day, March of 2013, and a long email comes in from Brad. I will quote the first paragraph here:

“Ok, DO NOT get excited

This is kinda a ‘Hail Mary’, BUT I think we should try it. The market is crazy. I will explain all my thinking, I think our chances of getting it are about 70%. Let me explain where I am coming from…”

He goes on in that email to explain his rationale, and that he thought we should give selling and buying a bigger place a shot. So, in effect, we did. We spent all spring cleaning the house up (lots of fun in 800 sq feet with a toddler and an infant, BTW), and then listed it right after Memorial Day. Brad helped us through every step of that process as well, laboriously going over all the paperwork and comps and potential scenarios. The house sold in less than one day.

Brad again jumped into wheeler-dealer mode, and helped us work through the options; giving us guidance but also letting us make the call. He knew how to play the game; how to give a little to get a lot; how to massage all the personalities involved so everyone felt like they were getting what they were getting what they wanted all along.

And, suddenly, our house was sold, and we were back on the market to buy. Repeat of previous experience; tireless Brad looking at nine million places at the drop of a hat, and then celebrating with us when we found our forever, really and truly forever home. Finances got sketchy and crazy as we tried to round up our down payment by doing everything short of selling the kids into child slavery. There were a number of hair-raising days and weeks where it looked like everything might tank as we scrambled to get our cash together; Brad took it all totally in stride, and again kept everyone involved from freaking out and bailing.

Brad doesn’t just buy and sell houses; he works with people and their dreams and frustrations. The man is good at his job. Thanks for everything, Brad.