Testimonials ForBradley T. Wulf

Brad found the house–and guided me through the process

I first met with Brad Wulf to discuss my house planning with the intent of just getting can idea about the process of finding a home. I’m an attorney, by training, and know the legal and tax side of much of the process. However, there is do much more to know. Brad sat down with me for over an hour giving me the run down of what to expect, even though he knew I wasn’t looking right away.

So armed with this knowledge, I began looking to see what I might like, once I started looking for real. Brad forwarded me listings, filtered by my designs. I also did my own searching on other aps, but in the end it was one that he forwarded to me, that I ended up buying. I looked at a total of 2 houses with Brad. The second one was perfect. Not too big, not too small, modern, and move in ready.

Brad was right in our initial meeting, once you find the right place, it all happens fast. Within 2 days we had an offer written. By week’s end, we had an acceptance. He kept me moving through the inspections, minor repairs, and closing. It was smooth….30 days without a hitch. He has a whole team to help keep it that way. .. he recommended the mortgage broker, inspectors, even homeowners insurance.

No matter what the question, Brad had an answer. Thanks Brad!